The bus was full.

It is likely that he did it on purpose.

They quarreled among themselves.

You're the expert here, Bryce.

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I want to study Japan's history at university.

Tell them I'm coming right over.

An image is worth a thousand words.

That hasn't happened yet.

This would never happen in Boston.

This decision is bigger than me.

I think that went well.


Why is the banana bent?

The street was deserted after ten.

The family were all out reaping the corn.

They made her marry him.

It was just a matter of time.


We're not totally ready yet.


He never speaks to me.


A hare stopped in the clover and swinging flowerbells and said his prayer to the rainbow through the spider's web.

He didn't notice the small video camera above the traffic signal.

I wanted to say something, but I was too scared.

Dan left his violin at school.

Teresa didn't help Jong as much as he should've.

No matter what anyone says, I plan to go.

Man is the only animal that learns by being hypocritical. He pretends to be polite and then, eventually, he becomes polite.


You came too late.

We'll go places if we team up with them.

How foolish of you!

Before you criticize a man, you should always walk a mile in his shoes.

Remember to keep your mind calm.

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I'll be there in about 30 minutes.


Solvency is entirely a matter of temperament and not of income.


Peter talks with his parents in the United States on the phone at least once a week.

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My name is Jim.

What are you going to see?

The military engaged the enemy five kilometers south of the capital.

What's the best way to do it?

We saw you come in.

An honest man never steals money.

Climate change could cause the loss of 85% of coral reefs.

Do you require any further assistance?

The dictionary that I bought hasn't been delivered to me yet.

We're looking into that.

Alejandro pressed the wrong button.

We made it.

We have made him cry.

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred, nine hundred, one thousand.

Have you ever sung for an audience?

I'm Jay's ex.

You are mistaken if you think he is wrong.

Bobbie walked into the barn.

What Alan said made Murthy cry.


He told me to meet him at his house.

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I come here every day.

Could you explain your previous statement?

It's a mad, mad world.

Did I do all that?

He reminds me of his father when he speaks.

Why don't you go play with Elisabeth?

The snow compelled us to put off our departure.

Where did you find them, at school or at home?

I'm not leaving.

I have sensitive skin.

I can't believe Matthias is really planning on doing this.


I need my privacy.

Meet Mr. Petit.

The balloon descended gradually as the air came out.


Do you know what this stuff is?

It's not the same without you.

I just ignore them.

It's the land of my ancestors that you're trampling with your feet!

They're in the shower.

It is a childish act.

I want him arrested.


You look like your dad.


By the time our mother came, we had cleaned our room.

We cannot sleep well on summer nights.

Tell me what you want.

Please look over the map on page 25.

The wine left a permanent stain on the carpet.


There's blood in the water.

I shoved her.

It's cold today so button your coat.


John works in the State Department.


How are you going to explain that to Karl?

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He sent an angry customer to the manager.

It's the same to me.

Are you coming to Boston this weekend?


He returned home safely, which pleased his parents.

The meeting is about to let out.

See to it that the door is locked before you leave.

Could you give me change for a dollar?

Jwahar is Rajendra's brother-in-law.

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What're you planning to do after you graduate from high school?

I don't think your mother will like it.

He possessed a good memory.

I want you to stay here longer.

Most of Straka's friends know that he's in the hospital.

It would be wiser of you not to see him again.

I need to get a pen.

I'm an optimistic guy.

I need to get something for Richard.

There are people of many different races living in America.

I want to be home early.

I need you now more than ever.

My cats will love this.

You've got to walk before you can run.

He had no notion of leaving his hometown.


We should go talk to her.


Kathy's hair is growing.

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We're behind schedule.


Dan wanted a lot of kids.


Summer is coming to an end.

Her father works at the bank.

We happened to be on the same train.

Can you show me how this works?

He is ashamed that he has failed again.

Which foreign language do you think is the easiest for native English speakers to learn?

Did you want to cut off his head?

I've got the same feeling, Warren.

His customers dropped off.

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Napoleon Bonaparte is considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses of world history.

He was fined 10000 yen.

It's all so sad.

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Sandeep loves playing the piano.

She is good at playing tennis.

The old shrine used to stand there.

The pain was very intense.

How did you hurt your hand?


I'm going to meet Mr. Yamada at the Sakura Hotel tomorrow at 6 p.m.

That's a real possibility.

His clothes did not fit well.

I didn't know what Per had done.

I know Terri will be happy to see you.

I'd like to know why you were late.

Ian took off his tie.


Wake me up at 7:00 tomorrow morning.


This hat is too small for me.


The villages in the Alps are very picturesque.

I've got good news.

Is this a trick question?

Bush is the leader of the Empire of Good.

I'd like to talk to you some more.

Why do you want Case to have it?

Didn't you hear her speaking French?


If you're bored, you can contribute to Tatoeba.

She thinks of nothing but making money.

Do you find me attractive?


He frotted against the mattress.

There's still plenty of time.

I didn't answer your letter because I was too busy.


Floria is quite a character.

Anyone fancy a cuppa?

Turkey is the heir of Ottoman Empire.

He was the first to enter the room.

A small company employs 50 people.


Would you excuse us for a moment?

It's Srinivasan's birthday today!

Don't forget to bring a pen.

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There is a sunflower field near the train station.

Let's all do it.

She makes the best sandwiches in the world.