The organization is underwritten by grants from philanthropists.

That is going too far.

Murthy drank a glass of red wine.

I didn't know you cared!

The boy lost his way in the forest.

The darkest hour is just before dawn.


There's a bus here.


Lynnette kept Brandi waiting.

I won't let you come in.

I'm too old for such things.


I don't give a damn.

Do you need sunglasses?

Man's best friend certainly makes a good addition to a household.

It was raining yesterday.

We missed you.


Since he didn't come, I didn't go either.

I just wish I knew why this keeps happening.

I'm going to a meeting.

The translation is extremely faithful to the original.

Isn't that awful?


What evidence do you have?

I have nothing to add to that.

Maybe she has other plans?


I ought to wear this tie more often. I've gotten a lot of compliments today.


You don't have to get up so early.


"Could it be...?" Dima wondered. "Did I finally get the right Al-Sayib?"


Who is supposed to do this job?

Kill it with fire!

He had the face of a daifuku.

How beautiful you are!

How many cameras do you have?

Novorolsky should have someone do it for him.

I'm headed to the supermarket.


Get your ass in there.


He is fond of playing tennis.

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We can work on that right now.

Nail polish remover stinks a lot.

It is not necessary for you to take his advice if you don't want to.


Tammy is in his thirties.


You can see it from here.

My name is dhaval

I don't like cats.

Now I don't feel like watching television.

I've told Pablo where we are.


Martha's Vineyard looks a lot like Sylt.

Barack Obama is aiming for an international ban on nuclear weapons, but is not against them in all wars.

Don't judge a man by the way he looks.


I love this man.

He applied himself to this scientific study.

The challenges are daunting, but we can overcome them.

She talks very loud.

I don't have any energy.

He was nicknamed "The Potato King."

His paper was, on the whole, satisfactory.


I felt that I should help her.


Is it that you're afraid of dying? Or is it a fear of flying? Perhaps, you are afraid of simply trying.

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I haven't told anyone, not even Norm.

Japanese women are believed to be very clever with their hands.

Have you ever slept on the street?

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I love flowers.


We used to live together.

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Barbara is planning to ask Sal to help him.

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Why don't you try making Ro an offer?

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Jesus turned water into wine.

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Your methods are totally alien to mine.

I know who stole your diary.

We do have something which is more in your price range.

They revolted against the government.

I pay someone to do that for me.

I don't recommend doing it that way.

That's curious.


If everything goes well, I can make two to three pieces per day.

The news broke his heart.

I think you're stylish.


I bought myself a dog.

Vaughn is taking a big chance.

Calvin said he'd never leave his wife.

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I remember what he said.

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Wouldn't it be a better idea to cancel everything?

He was robbed of his money on the street.

Linley was too scared to say anything.

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But he knew he had no choice.

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One of the people you were with is a friend of mine.

Shall I follow you?

She is good at languages, though.

He was irritated by her delay.

Wait in my office.

You should probably tell Beverly how to do that.

Eva often posts motivational quotes on Facebook.


I have a cat and a dog.

Donnie has come to see you.

It's an easy choice.

Do you happen to know where she lives?

I'm supposed to make sure Isabelle knows what to do.

I don't need glasses anymore.

Carl has had his licence suspended.

"Where is my Time Machine?" I began, bawling like an angry child, laying hands upon them and shaking them up together.

Please close the window.

He expresses himself in a strange way.

The book was better than the movie.


She has many hobbies, cooking, knitting, gardening, collecting stamps, and so on.

You should not look down upon the poor.

I know nothing about her.

What are you going to say to Carlos?

Please will you close the door when you go out.

Do you have something to tell me?

One day, I will marry her.

Our school adopted his teaching methods.

I cannot stop thinking of the stolen money.


We always arrive late.

He's clearly lying.

I reluctantly agreed.

Please let me see you home.

Some countries have stopped whaling in the face of international criticism.

Melanie has an idea of how to create an artificial language.

That's not what I wanted to tell you.

Nancy is kind rather than gentle.

The store offered special discounts during the summer.

Terry slid the window open.

Do you meet Jerald often?


As soon as I get paid I will pay you back.

Just answer one question.

He kept on gambling, trying in vain to recoup his losses.

Now that you have come of age, you should be responsible for what you do.

One in three Americans believe that the sun goes round the earth!


Does anyone still have a question?


What does this look like to you?

I'm not trying to control you.

I wonder when he will come next time.

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We were witnesses of the accident.

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Markku never saw his parents again, or spoke of them.


Norbert knows a lot about science.

He's old enough to drive a car.

The flight was canceled.

We were over at Avery's place last night playing cards.

Bush doesn't want to make wars in order to control Central Asian oil.


You were never good at math.

You had better look up the word.

Jean-Christophe will never forget Joel's kindness.


Crashes happen all the time.

I correspond with many friends in Canada.

They believe Arlene.


Everything you can imagine is real.

Rob is now in Lenny's room.

Shatter took off his bicycle helmet and put it on the table.

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I think Kylo is afraid of you.

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I need to see you soon.

People tomorrow will have different ideas.

He went through many hardships in his youth.

I passed the examination with difficulty.

Alan never gave in to me that easily before.

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I have a good dictionary.

It must have been a shock to you.

When did Sangho get home?