Our company was formed in 1989 and began specializing in safe, affordable 822-413-2515 in the Orlando, Florida area. We became known for pioneering the pest prevention techniques that are standard in the industry today. These methods include using least toxic products and applying them in a safe, sensible manner. By performing our services primarily on the exterior we stop pests before they get inside your home. These non-intrusive methods allow you to relax and enjoy life without worrying about bugs or the treatments used to get rid of them. With our knowledge, experience and deep background in the pest control industry, we provide the best home pest services in Central Florida.

In 1996 we created our Lawn & Plant Care department and soon realized we had found our niche. With our unique horticultural abilities we are able to provide much more than just a "lawn spray" service. Our people are dedicated horticulturists, certified arborists, certified pest control operators, and trained technicians. We have an affinity for plants and turfgrass that we believe is uncommon in our industry.

By monitoring for pests and weeds and spot treating those areas where it is needed we are applying pesticides responsibly. By inspecting turfgrass and plants for nutrient deficiencies we determine the right amounts and types of fertilizer to apply. With our knowledge of plants and their growing requirements we can effectively treat plants without "blanket spraying".

Our people are all long term employees because we foster a work environment that is rewarding and challenging. We constantly try to learn more and better ways of performing our work and continue to educate ourselves. When you hire us you will recognize us as true professionals.

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