All girls wear pink panties.

Suyog said you were witty.

He works hard to earn his living.

What image did you have in mind as you painted this picture?

He tried to persuade her in vain.

Say your prayers.


Be careful or Johann'll knock the daylights out of you.


Tell Kikki what Suwandi did to you.

The last time I spoke to Herve, he said he wasn't planning to go to Boston.

I am not so tall as my brother, but taller than my father.

We should play squash together sometime.

It's all about money.

We were thinking of asking you to join our company.

Rafik is terrible at math.

You did your part.

The husband presents a more spiritual vision of religion.

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She pretended not to see me.

I don't know if I still have it.

Why do I have to go?


Eric was too shy to talk to Alf.

Did you pick this?

One day he will be mine.


Her face glowed with health.

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

Certainly she wouldn't have dreamt that I would get up promptly without grumbling.

I'm not going to tell you the reason.

I need a tool for pulling weeds in my garden.

Are we in danger?

I filled the cup.

This dress suits your style.

I need to buy more anti-static sheets for the clothes dryer.

He has access to the American Embassy.

Success is punished in this country.


How long have you and Hotta been divorced?


When bears sleep or lie down, their postures depend on whether they want to get rid of heat or conserve it.

Maureen chopped a tree down.

I don't really see what the problem is.

Go with him.

I don't think Elisabeth and Sri are going to be happy about that.

Which university do you want to go to?

Each society has a different institution.

He began to feel afraid.

Both dogs are asleep.

It'd be about time to reply to his letter.

I failed my blood test.

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The Greeks, too, eat a lot of fish.

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How bad is Ritchey hurt?

I can see some intricate patterns in the picture.

My favourite colour is orange.

I wish I had as much energy as Prakash.

I've got to win this race.

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Vision is indispensable to a statesman.

They caught him.

Ravi has three suggestions.


Every day is a battle at this worksite.

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Can I reserve a seat to Hawaii for Christmas?

The earth can satisfy our needs but not our greed.

If there's nothing else for me to do, I'm going home.

Go kiss someone else.

I've gained three kilograms.

I'm going off to Vancouver next week to see my sister.

There has been progress made.


I wrote to Lloyd, and my sister also wrote to him.

Do any of you need medical assistance?

I've made that same mistake myself.


We're beginning to understand better.


No waited on the platform.

Today is not good for me.

I don't want you to tell them.

I'll lend you my book.

I'm looking for a cheap hotel.

Robbin saw a mouse.

I followed Calvin.

If you don't tell Nelken, then I will.

The circus has come to town.

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What would cause this?


Jared stayed at home all day yesterday.

Don't let him call Taninna.

I can't believe you did that.

You need to come up with new stuff.

I'll have to be innovative.

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Citizens of higher social status were permitted to live closer to the center.


Come out now.

If he should arrive later, you may start the conference without him.

What would happen if we just ignored Sanand's request?

Why couldn't you be nice to Lindsey?

Because it's time you grew up.

But their troubles weren't over yet.

I need the sun.

Just one slip and you'll be mistaken for a troll and flamed.

She stretched to relieve the stiffness in her back.

Do I look like an actress?

I wish you'd told me earlier.

I didn't ask Russ to dance. He asked me.

I can deal with her.


Spass bet me thirty dollars that I couldn't do it.

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I was advised to visit the museum.

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I will share with you in the cost of the taxi.

Please take in the seams of the jacket a little.

Instead of going ashore, we stayed on the ship.

Why don't we talk over coffee?

Japanese cars are for the most part reliable.

Cities are exciting places, but also stressful.

Where's convenient for you?


My office is a very serious and high pressure place.


I spoke to her.

Sho is a light sleeper.

Mr Jackson has recently transferred to Tokyo from Los Angeles.


Are you calling me a coward?

Isabelle tried to stay awake.

Sergei is having a drink with Francisco at the bar.

You're going to want to see this.

Within the settlement, Urs was known as a professional schemer.


Are you two related?


I certainly enjoyed traveling, and I still would if I could, but traveling is expensive and I don't earn as much as I used to.

I glanced at his letter.

If you are to succeed, you must work harder.

Unfortunately, that hasn't happened.

I'll never go camping with Sheila again.

Why do you always do that to me?

I don't want to talk about that today.

It just goes on forever.

Poverty with honesty is preferable to wealth obtained by unfair means.

Troy and I fight a lot.

I don't know what to do either.

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We'll ask Blaine and see what he thinks.

I haven't heard much about that.

What's this all about, Hotta?

I said I would tell you.

I need a mouse.


We shouldn't have made her go.

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I am thankful for standing on the tops of mountains.

You aren't thinking straight.

There are a lot of persons who try to buy a house.

I can't believe Stephen still uses it.

Can you start tomorrow?

This song reminds me of someone.

She loves poetry and music.

How was your vacation?

She crouched down by the gate.

They trust you.

Ralph tried desperately to get Pratap's attention.

Polish specialists work in Africa.

I don't think Kent is busy today.

All men want money.

Marcel has a good job.

Thao is like Joey in "Shane".

We don't know much about his personal life.


Around honey, there is no lack of flies.

The results were unpredictable.

That's going to be a problem.

Take cover!

Jeannie died trying to rescue Guillermo.

We learned in school that you must not copy other people's assignments.

My friend is a chatty man.

Clayton was mauled by a vicious animal.

They wouldn't serve Richard a drink because he was underage.

I think we need to find out where Jaime is.

Rich is only a freshman.

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Case has started looking for a job.


Free yourself from prejudice.


The strong should take care of the weak.

Did Gene tell you where the party is?

Keep in the shadows.


Mats loves his wife and kids.