Maybe I left it on the table.

Let's just get it over with.

Norma handled it perfectly.

Washing machines spare housewives a lot of trouble.


You're too loud.

Can water intoxicate a person?

I haven't been to Boston lately.


He knows nothing about Lincoln, or for that matter, about the United States.

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We have to go.


For many people that was the realization of a dream.

She's better looking than me.

Grace hasn't arrived yet.


I need to know something.

I don't want to take your money.

What are the measurements of the shelf?

We did everything we could to save the boy.

He looked at me, with a tear in his eye.

Konrad moved here three months ago.

Ned has been watching.

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One rainy morning I woke up to find myself famous.

Hatred is blind, as well as love.

It's their fault.

Trygve Lie was a Norwegian diplomat.

I changed my name to Archie.


It was reported in the newspapers.

Can we say "No" to America?

The risks are too great.


In the longer term, sea level rise, extreme storm surge events, and high tides will affect coastal facilities and infrastructure on which many energy systems, markets, and consumers depend. As new investments in energy technologies occur, future energy systems will differ from today's in uncertain ways.

I think that everything will be okay.

Who's that guy with the mustache?

The rice crop is poor this year.

If he's a journalist, I'm a star.

I'll show you how to do it.

Just like here.


Theo says he'll do the same thing we do.

I'm not the only one who thinks that's a good idea.

Was there anyone else around?

Why weren't they there?

I'll be the one helping Maureen, not you.

He likes sports.

Your attendance will affect your final grade.

How do I know it's you?

Let's take advantage of the vacation to mow the lawn.

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I can't let you out of my sight.

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Ken couldn't recall that man's name.


He has run out of his energy.

I had to work.

I've been around the block.

It's an oxymoron.

I know you'll enjoy spending the day with Gill.

At first I did not like rock music, but now I do.

She scratched her finger on a nail.

You'll have to overcome a few difficulties.

Some guy was trying to intimidate me.


This cotton shirt washes well.

The phone rang, but I didn't answer.

I can't speak to him.

You can never see any emotions on his face.

This is getting awkward.

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She is easily moved to emotion.

I'll take what I can get.

This is the fastest car in our showroom.

I'm just teasing.

Everyone in the class climbed the hill.

Have you met Lila's new girlfriend?

Ilya doesn't leave his house.

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He is guilty of stealing.

You eat in the classroom?

He is proud of not having consulted a doctor.

I ran into Donna at a party last week.

It has too many disadvantages.

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Raphael assured me that it won't happen.

My eyes are itchy.

She forgot everything and can't remember anything.


What's so pressing?

He is reputed the best lawyer in this city.

You're a better skier than me.

There will be hell to pay if I don't make this deadline.

Erik knows it can't happen.

This song is very touching.

Are you currently taking any medication?


This is an exact copy of the original.

The student approaches the teacher looking scared.

Why did I do that?

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It's totally normal.

Dorian isn't handling it very well.

What have you learned today?

You played hooky yesterday?

He's still gotta overcome major difficulties.

Well, I don't know where you're from, but in Boston, people who want jobs wear ties.

His large income makes it possible for him to travel overseas every year.

I couldn't handle it.

The website was undergoing maintenance.

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Could I borrow your eyeliner?

He'll clutch at any straw.

All that are tales for idiots.

I'm still in love with him.

I forgot to put sugar in your tea.

I couldn't keep them away.

I only have one more question for you.

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The bus broke down at one end of the bridge.


The bank wants its money back.


Wilson escaped the danger.

It's a bad omen.

Medication is an option.


Seenu scared Paul out of his wits.

And who claimed it would be easy?

At first there will be many unfamiliar words and grammatical forms, but you don't have to be afraid.

Ji looks very pretty today.

That obliges me to change my opinion.

Did you know him personally?

If Jennie's mother hadn't meddled in their marriage, Dan and Amanda might still be together.


Victor seems dazed.

He detected his men's misconduct.

It took me three hours to finish the homework.

I love him. I can't help it.

Something wasn't kosher.

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Don't expect too much from the food.

Will this nightmare ever end?

Norman knew why Bryan wanted to go to Boston.

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Don't I know you?

They have exactly the same face.

A long time ago, there was a bridge here.

Please give me another chance.

You aren't really going to go camping with Donald, are you?

There is one catch.

I was born in Matsuyama and was educated there.


Kriton knew what Cliff meant.

She removed her makeup and washed her face.

I like her sister very much.


Please have Glen wait until I get there.


If you're not going to eat those, can I?


I made a rookie mistake.


I had three options.

Almost stepped on a gecko while going to the metro.

Dalton was impressed by the big organ in the church.

Does she really float your boat?

These shoes are too small for me to put on.

Let's send them all home.

She's going to drink some milk.

Is Sridharan feeling better today?

We didn't know what to do next.

Tor walked toward the elevators.

Wouldn't you want that?


Who's really good in German?

It's quite irritating.

To think they would use such indecent language! It's really disgusting.

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My job is to make sure everyone is safe.

Chopin sits at the piano and begins to play.

Electric cars can be recharged at home.

The instrument panel has a very ergonomic layout.

I got a letter from an old friend yesterday.


The bartender set a drink in front of Marion.


I enjoyed myself at the party last night.


We are with you your whole life.

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The plural of anecdote is data.

Jun pulled Joyce into his arms and held her close.

I got her a doll.

Kiki is lying in the hospital bed.

You will be in time for the train if you start at once.

You need to show a genuine interest in the other person.

She fell in love with a young soldier.