What exactly did you say?

Why didn't you tell me that you wanted to go camping?


Even though I was tired, I went to the party.

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Annie couldn't help grinning.

Serious girls don't exist anymore.

Let's hope it goes well tonight.

It's time to let Bart go.

Is 2:30 too late?

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She still hated him, even after he died.

I feel like drinking a beer.

"Who will be coming to the party?" "A few friends and four or five colleagues."


Let me have a look at those photos.

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Bill rarely goes to church.

A group of teenagers robbed me of my money.

Are you in trouble or something?

Easter is celebrated on the Sunday after the first spring full moon.

Can you hear anything?

Yesterday there was an earthquake.

The lemons are cheap.


Where did you get the eggs?


According to an expert.


I'm sure Butler will reform.

Who would you like to speak with?

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It's just a stupid rumor.

Don't leave them alone.

I asked him to reconcile them with each other.

In small towns, everyone knows everything about one another.

This is the perfect place for those who seek a quiet vacation.

I won't marry you, for all your money.

Doesn't he work in marketing?

Penny pouted her lips.

If your colleagues don't work, either you do their work or I'll dismiss you by tomorrow morning.

Dylan and Jakob were here this morning.

Let me tell you what I want you to do.

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Dylan suspected that his father was dyslexic.

I'd rather not discuss it here.

Lenny and Gunnar acted like they'd never met each other before.

I want to attend.

This pair of lovers were carrying on an ardent correspondence.

The news spread all over the town.

I don't want Lar and William to see me cry.

My parents told me the same stories that Vishal's parents told him.

I'm the one who caught her.

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Press the small button to eject the CD from the computer.

He sounds disappointed.

You didn't even say goodbye.


What are you going to be?

How much does this weigh?

Pepper burned his mouth.

I'm not going to make you do anything.

The walls are made from drywall.


My teacher doesn't like me. She's always giving me a hard time.


The female Hamburger favored rubbers.

We used to play together.

He arrived by sea but left by air.

Don't make abrupt moves.

I didn't know you couldn't speak French.

I couldn't understand why Thierry wanted to leave.

It seems like a dream.

I went over to Leung's house the next morning and told him what had happened.

It will not be long before man can travel to the moon.

They ask the parents of other children.

I don't need this.

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We've got thirty minutes.

It's just a flesh wound.

Has Jason ever asked you to loan him money?

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I never spend a day without thinking of you.

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Randolph is old school.


Kill the bunnies first.

They have eyes and see nothing.

I'm done with my homework.

The weather is changeable.

I met her late that evening.


Amy wants Saad to come here right away.


I don't know quite how to say this.

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What would you do if this was your last day?

I saw Alberto kiss Steen.

Subra arrived at the train station just as his train was pulling away from the platform.

Did it happen recently or much further back?

I was outdoors.

You won't be able to try it.

Shutting down.

They're coming again.

My children are my treasures.


I don't take any pleasure in this.

Reinhard is on his way over.

Any clues?


What movies have you seen recently?

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I've lost everything.

Do you shave your legs?

Bill is not tall like you.


Terrence is acting really weird right now.

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Marcel and Torsten met in Boston three years ago.

Does Manuel know that you love him?

There are not many Berbers contributing to Tatoeba.

The fire took 13 lives.

Sanjib didn't want to encourage Marci to do anything that might get her in trouble.


We flew nonstop from Osaka to Los Angeles.

You're the only one I trust.

Even though a boy may be very unhappy, he very seldom loses sleep over his worries.

This one is empty.

Janet has three ex-wives.

Business is slow.

Everett doesn't look too good today. I wonder what the matter is.

He knows countless places.

I can't do something like that without Chuck's approval.


The judge was forced to slam her gavel down multiple times in order to restore order to the court.


Let's remember to do that.


I have tried to change my shyness but to no avail.


He played the game as best he could.


He taught his son how to swim.

Kabul is Afghanistan's capital city.

Sumitro is too depressed to work.

We should remain silent.

It just doesn't work that way.

I'll be seeing Mohammad this afternoon.

I don't think anyone noticed what Anatole did.

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I want to achieve something in life.

Maybe you'd like to come with us.

I'm trying not to waste my time.

She is preparing to the Olympic Games this year.

We ran around the park.

I resent your cynical remarks.

The writer is working on his new book.

The four Galilean moons are called: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

You don't know how heavy is the load you don't bear.

At this point, I'm unable to comment on that problem.

It is always the case with them.

I have few friends.

Most Americans can speak English.

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I'm not involving them.


I'm pretty sure Barbara's a teacher.

The players had to throw the ball from one to another to try to get the ball over the other team's baseline.

Let's put it to a vote.

You're bothering me.

Don't try to deceive me.


A Californian policeman pulled a car over and spoke to the driver.

I'm pretty sure Andrea and Lana don't know each other.

I gotta go to the hospital.

Stanislaw was stupid enough to believe what Hui told him.

You take this one.

The plants are growing.

I need children's fever medicine.

The two gunshot victims are in the intensive care unit at a nearby hospital.

If I don't tell them, who will?


I didn't do anything to them.

Del feels responsible for what happened.

Jane's parents were pleased about her appointment as a teacher at the school.

The truth is always something that is told, not something that is known. If there were no speaking or writing, there would be no truth about anything. There would only be what is.

An old proverb says that time is money.


Psychology, which studies the human mind and human behavior, builds knowledge by observation and experiments.

I'm not skinny.

Her sons as well as she were happy.

Herbert seems satisfied.

You can't force me to do this.


Can I have a word with you in private?

A lot of birthday cards will arrive soon.

The water is flowing.

I predicted this.

They just want to make money. They don't care about anything else.