Samuel told us a lot of jokes.

Natto reminds me of a bad experience.

Let me tell you what Myron said.

I did some stupid things.

Is everybody here?

May God bless the Americans we lost this morning. May He comfort their families. May God continue to watch over this country that we love.


This blouse is cotton.

He is likely to arrive soon.

She is tossing and turning in bed.

Why should anyone care?

We decided to employ men of ability irrespective of their experience.

Most of my pain is gone.

I let him kiss me.

Stanislaw rates a reward for that.

Elwood's personal life is his own.

She put down her pen.

We're concerned about her.

She will carry out her plan, regardless of expense.

My hands are full.

He made me a suit.

In German, compound words are written as one word!

I don't dare ask such a silly question.

Maria has four brothers.

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I can't eat that food.

It looks like they have made up again.

Dalton is tactful.


I asked Jinny where he wanted to go.

I'm just waiting for her.

Swamy is quite an interesting woman.

He writes books.

What do you think of the game that Sho created?

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Help her till the cows come home: some day, you will be disappointed in her.

She caught colds often.

The murder charge was reduced to manslaughter.

Take my picture.

He is returning to this town.

My parents treat me unfairly compared to my sister.

May you both be happy!

You do that so much better than I can.

I copied and pasted it from Wikipedia.

Lance asked for a table near the window.

It's just not fun anymore.

I beg you pardon, milord. It's not Hebrew, but Latin.

It would be stupid to go on my own.


I think you've been fortunate.

What does she think of herself?

I want to talk with him alone.

He visited Boston.

Monica went down to the basement.

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I've never heard the kind of stories he tells.

If it isn't out of your way, please take this letter to the post office.

No matter how tired you might be, you have to do it.

Francisco's sweating.

It's a shame that you're not coming.

Why do you go about being cross at people?

Is there anyone here who doesn't know Tran?


The river is shallow at this point.

It seems obvious that he is sick.

We're going to the mall.

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I bought a book of jokes.

For example, vervet monkeys learn to use a certain call in the presence of circling eagles, who prey on the monkeys.

If the cookies weren't quite so burnt, maybe some people would have eaten them.


Kenneth put the folder on the table.

There is nothing to him.

Many dogs are alive.

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That's exactly what you're doing.

My goal is to be happy.

Ask Ram again.

I'm with a client.

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.


My parents are healthy.

Luke turned up the TV.

What's the productivity per person?

Please put this into English.

I suppose you have heard of it.

He is not so much a professor as a TV star.

Maybe it just isn't funny.


Robbin came by here earlier.

I thought I was hallucinating.

I haven't found my keys yet.

I bought the book yesterday.

Maybe one day you could show me how it's done.


It has been ten years since my uncle went to Canada.

Two gentlemen have been waiting to see you.

Jesse advised Jennie to go to see a doctor.

Water reflects light.

It sounds like I'm going to school today.

Celeste had to go there.

Come round to see me at eight tonight.


We returned the money.


We came so close.

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Delavigne perfumes have acquired quite a following.

Don't tease them.

Are you sure Revised is still alive?

The deadline is Monday.

Sanjay, you're way ahead of me.

What's everybody laughing about?

You need to come outside.

You must not shout at him.

Beverly sells computers.

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His poor song was laughed at by all the students.

If you do that, you're going to subject yourself to ridicule.

I won't forget her.

It's a goat and it is absolutely normal.

I told Sundaresan I'd try to find a bigger vase.

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I have to deal with Randall.

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I think you should meet them.


Did you have a good time in Vegas?


Let's break for some tea.

OK, I'm convinced.

Say what you will, I will act on my own judgement.

What the hell are you doing in here?

Pierette looks dead.

Your soup's getting cold.

Why does my nose run when I eat soup in winter?

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Wow, you look different.

Miss Brown has gotten used to eating Japanese food.

There's nothing else to eat.

When is the store open till?

Have you kissed her yet?


I'd like to pay you back.

I suggest you rest for a while.

Her remarks were so rude they were frankly unprintable.

What do you need to tell me?

I'm still angry.


George was so tired that his doctor advised him to take better care of himself.

Duncan made Chuck do it.

I was afraid to catch a cold.


I'm not asking you to say anything.

I don't want to share my room with Ti.

Warren is pretty decisive.


Some people never grow up.

Her son is a genius.

We are entrusting you with a mission.

Joseph is doing a crossword puzzle.

This is one of a kind.

Nothing to add!

Something bad happened to Sarah.

The baker forgot to put salt in the dough.

I will bring it right away.

Jacques didn't like that movie at all.

It seems you aren't taking me seriously.

In Germany, you have to pay for everything, even to to use a public bathroom.

They were always good friends.


He's a jerk.

Lindsay poured Prakash a snifter full of brandy.

I am training with my friends.

Great effort was one factor in his success.

This sentence was so difficult.

No one is so poor that he cannot afford to be neat.

They're married.

I bet you know this.

He won't say anything about himself.

I want to know what happened to the pistol that you received from Neal.

Give me the diamonds.

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We have an advantage.

I am not ashamed of my father's poverty.

I had a fantastic time.

The witch is stirring her cauldron.

I'll do whatever it takes to fix this.

I don't like you any more than you like me.

Debi is finishing his work.

Whenever I find a new word or meaning, I write it down in this list.

I thought I told you to clean your room.

A gentleman would not do such a thing.

We are on the same level.

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What'll happen to Galen if he's found guilty?

Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks to your untiring efforts our hideout is finally complete!!

Spaniards have two surnames.

Is that what Walter suggested you should do?

Vincent was here the other day.