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"You will never change your life until
 you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine."

John C Maxwell

MBE, SBE, HUB Zone Certified



As a newly founded, minority-owned and operated staffing agency in the industry, we offer the clients and candidates a more realistic experience. Increase Workforce Solutions, LLC provides a work environment conducive to providing the highest quality temporary and permanent job positions to its employees while operating a professional, safe, and drug free work environment. We have contract HR consultants, products, and services to assist the employees in staying abreast of the current trends and needs of the workforce.

Our mission further extends to our clients by providing the best-qualified temporary or permanent employees possible to fulfill all of their staffing needs. Increase Workforce will strive to operate it's business in a manner that promotes the highest integrity, moral, and ethical standards. We understand that companies have had to work with fewer employees and maintain and exceed production requirements, so we present employees that are flexible and open to cross-training opportunities.


Our staff has over 10 years staffing and Corporate HR experience combined, placing talented people with great organizations all across Texas. We attribute our success to our unmatched commitment to people; our clients and our employees.