The only window in our hotel room opens onto a smelly alley.

He called his son James.

It will get warmer and warmer.

Must we already go? - Yes, the time has come.


The future was five minutes ago.


I was just doing my job.

Don't act like you know me.

The man died in a car accident.


We should let them have a moment alone.


I don't know Pilot that well.

What he says makes no sense at all.

Srikanth has given Jess his cold.

They killed themselves.

When a whole town is destroyed in a bush fire, it is the elderly who find it most difficult to start again.

Forget about him.

She is very teachable.

It couldn't be helped.

Generally speaking, men can run faster than women can.

Give him something to drink.

The way of speaking identified the various social classes.

That explains it.

Mariou drinks, but he's not drunk this morning.

Today had no visitors

I'm pretty sure Kurt and Sue don't know each other.

He made an excuse just to suit the occasion.

Wait, don't shoot yourself!


Joyce shouldn't have told Himawan about that.

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But for your help, I should have failed.

Water is to fish what air is to man.

We walked down a narrow and winding path.


Be off!

My name is James, but please call me Jim.

Randolph and I are both going.


We've done everything we can for Connie.

Dwight has decided to become a teacher.

Sanford didn't have time to eat lunch.

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It took us a long time to get here.

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I was totally confused.

I don't know what he'll do.

Can we talk to Devon?

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You're not entirely to blame; just then I was listening to music all along, and wasn't paying attention.

We had a pleasant evening.

Please have my baggage brought to the station.

Hot tears ran down her cheeks.

I've always been the number one.

We need a signed receipt.

Roxane bought the same camera that Marie has.

I'm just looking out for Varda.

Instead of coming directly home, I took the long way and stopped by the post office.

Dare you ask him about the accident?

There is a lot of pressure on women to be thin.

We're not making any progress in our work.

Why didn't you say something earlier?

You've convinced me.

I'll expect you next week.

Do you have something that's good for a cough?

I know I'm not the brightest girl in the world.

The storm is dangerous.

Even if your sentences were actually senseless, you at least have the luck to be able to form beautiful sentences.

Fifteen years have passed since we went there last.

These people are prejudiced.

I never should've let them go.

Winston took another bite.

The economy improved from poor to very good.

He fled when he saw the police patrol.

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"You aren't buying anything?" "Yeah, I've already eaten."

Omar was gentle.

At school he was always at the top of his class.


I wish I had a magic wand.

She hasn't talked to me since.

Where are they taking him?

I could hear them laugh in the background.

We're trying to help you.

How often do you look at yourself in a mirror?

Do you like North Americans?

This medicine will cure you of your stomach-ache.

The Stars must be kicking themselves for giving him the boot.

I doubt you will be happy with my report.

I want to help him carry the packages.

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Please tell Luke to stop smoking.

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I don't think Thomas has too many friends.

Such behavior is just like Meg.

I see nothing wrong with it.

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These chairs are taken.


She thought it was necessary that she should do something about it.

He showed his heels to us.

I want you to take this paper to her right away.


Did you sign anything?


Lucy is American.

Except for me, there wasn't a single person there.

That's the rule.

I won't discuss this with them.

Connie and Devon were alone in the room.

I wish I'd been born Canadian.

I'll give her that.


Lester lost his only son in a car accident.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you here.

We're very disappointed in you.


The customer has been on the phone with the salesman for two hours.

I wonder if Woody will come tonight.

I think you should be the one to take Kenton to the dentist's.

When each of the children had been given a portion, they began to quarrel in pairs about whose was larger.

I want to spend the night here.

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Have you heard from him recently?

Unless you have any more questions, I'd like to go now.

Do you have any orange juice?

You never liked me.

Give those cookies to Roxana.

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There was a fine scent in the room.


He gently lifted her hand and kissed it.

My mother is making a cake.

Ladies use fans when it is hot.

Plutonium-244 has a half-life of 80 million years.

Lynne must be a very important person.

It seemed pretty important.

The butler announced Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Scott was a contemporary of Byron.

Jimmy says he knows someone who's a good sketch artist.

I'm behind him.

She doesn't know how to cook rabbit.


Do you eat a lot of fish?

I just hope I didn't bore you.

It just seems wrong.

I think the fault is of the new Facebook lists.

There are no victims.

Oscar spent a year in Boston.

Our plan was fully realized.


Cross out the incorrect words.


The days are getting longer every day.

Do you find that funny?

You couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery!

The guard unlocked the cell door.

Take the afternoon off if you want to.


Do you know sign language?

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Her daughter ran away with a young author.

Mr. Sato collapsed from exhaustion.

I'm a very sensitive and emotional person.

Look! There's a bird in that tree.

I'm surprised you didn't want to go with us.

I said we'd get one.

They made love all night long.

Dan was under pressure to publish his scientific articles.

I'm pissed off!


She looked around, but saw nothing.


Learning to read well is of primary importance.


Everybody is subject to law.

This is no place for Dori.

Someone's dog disappeared.

I am your father's spirit, doomed for a certain time to walk the night, and during the day I am confined to burn in fires, until the evil crimes I had done in my life are burnt and purged away.

She lived a lonely life.


I heard Nigel snoring in the next room.

Owen has lied to me in the past, so I don't trust him anymore.

They have been married two years.

You have such a wonderful eye for detail.

Life has no meaning except in terms of responsibility.


Lucifer is playing with his toys.

People often tell me more than I want to know.

I didn't see any children playing on the swings.

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You really fooled them.

I'll find someone else to help us.

I got my hair done yesterday.

What girl are you talking about?

Son began to suspect Nou would leave him.


Exports in January totalled $10 billion, a record for the month.