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Introducing a new payment system

Viva Mobile

# is now available on all the platforms. Get It Now.


VIVA is completely secure

  • No credit card info is stored on the cell
  • Credit/Debit card is vaulted and tokenised. Token is securely stored in the Viva Ecosystem.
  • Encrypted QR Code can only be decrypted by the Viva Ecosystem
  • Private pin code needed for payment

Viva makes it easier to pay. Simply register, add a card, scan and pay!

  • Viva stores your details securely
  • Credit/Debit card is tokenised
  • Payments are securely processed
  • Swift, Simple and Secure

Viva makes it a priority to process your payments quickly and efficiently

  • Payment details are delivered via secure connection
  • Rapid payment request and response

With cloud-based servers, Viva has increased capacity and enhanced functionality


  • Reduce monthly fees
  • Card Not Present Transaction
  • Transactional history


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Introducing a new payment system. Viva Payment App is a swift, simple and secure mobile payment app. Download the app, register yourself, load your debit/credit card, scan and pay!

Tap Tap Pay

  • Reduced monthly fees
  • Fast and efficient
  • View transactions made with the app

A Secure Payment App

  • No credit/debit card information stored on device
  • Credit and Debit cards are tokenised and stored securely
  • Encrypted Vi-QR Code can only be decrypted by the Viva Ecosystem
  • Private PIN code required for payment

Skip the queue. Get Viva.

Viva is available for download on Google Play and the App Store

The mobile market is growing at an exponential rate in Africa. Viva seeks to provide the people of Africa, both rural and urban, with the means to pay for everyday goods and services with their mobile device. The idea of paying for anything, anywhere with your mobile device is made possible by Viva.

Simply snap a selfie or select a picture from your galley, enter your personal details and tap Register. Your details are securely stored and are accessed when adding a card, making payment and loading your cards & payment history