Since most speakers of Esperanto have learned the language through self study, the Internet in general, and websites such as in particular, have been a great boon to the language.

Your lives could be in danger.

They filmed the entire ceremony.

Svante deserved the punishment he got.


It's starting to grow on us.

What? What are you talking about?

Did you do that?


My brother named his cat Hanako.

I think Pantelis's idea is a good one.

Miltos left some food for Beverly.

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He had a very heavy study program.


Here's the thing.

Lenora was obviously unhappy.

The driver advised us to fasten our seat belts.

Where is the money exchange counter?

She looked as if she had seen a ghost.

A lonely man is lonely because he is afraid of others.

He is on the team.

He learned Latin in school.

What club would you like to join?


I'll pray for her.

I'm going to visit him.

Is this your first time to eat Japanese food?


I came here to give you something.

Many of my friends tried to live on their own but moved back home because of insufficient funds for their lifestyle.

If I were you, I'd think twice before going on that route.

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Micah owes me a lot of money.

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You have a lot to answer for, Gil.

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Hey, look over there.


Can we really afford it?

I'm kind of on the job.

Dwindling resources have hampered the efforts of police to stem the rise of violent crime in the city.

How about staying for dinner? I'm making a big pot of stew.

Let's eat out for a change.

She has a good figure.

Search as we would, we could not find it.

Dick said he had a stomachache and left the room.

My boss is twice as old as I am.


She needs the money.

Very few places on our earth remain undisturbed by civilization.

You'll do just fine.

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All but two members of the Conservative Party lost their seats in a federal election. One wag joked that their entire caucus could now meet in a telephone booth.

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Politics was the main topic of their conversation.

Some people believe they can become rich without having to work.

You're going to be late for school.

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How do you come to school?


Is Boston a big city?

It's time to hit the books.

I'm in love with Jean Reno.


Tell Phiroze to leave.

Beth expected at least a ten percent return on his investment.

My brother seems to enjoy himself at college.

She proceeded with the work.

I asked them to do it for me.


I think that's horrible.

Suyog was ready to work.

I never said that he was righteous.

We hardly know each other.

The sentence must have a predicate.

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That book, which I read last week, is great.

He's not even aware that it bothers me.

Romain smiled innocently.


This is a multi-storey building.

I would advise you strongly to do what Straka advised.

I hated that movie.

They wanted to keep southern states weak.

Let's make an appointment.

We thought you were sick.

The other day I visited the museum.


Climb onto the roof.

Why should I help Vijay?

He finally made up his mind to marry the girl he had met in Paris.

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Rupert has been waiting for half an hour.

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Even video-game machines owned by most children today are computers.

Andre changed the summer tyres.

Loyd is always home at night.


I don't want to spend more than $10.

You have no idea how uncomfortable these shoes are.

Don't draw a hasty conclusion from what you see now.

Orville took a few steps closer to Stuart.

Words really do hurt.


They distributed pamphlets to passers-by.

You're a spy.

Where are all our suitcases?

We needed this rain.

This restaurant serves authentic Neapolitan pizza.

They're happy.

She is wearing an expensive necklace.


Don't set foot in that neighborhood.

Tao lived on a farm.

He will come if you call him.

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Let's hope to arrive on time.

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The fence fell with a great crash.

My name is Sasha.

Would it be possible to change my reservation now?


I couldn't make out what he was saying.

I opened the can, but it was empty.

OK, what kind of place do you live at?


In general, the Japanese are polite.


Nefertiti was famed for her beauty.

She called me up from Tokyo.

I cannot concentrate at all.

Wes would like to stay with us.

What in the world did you buy?

I wanted to help you.

He had his clarinet tuned.

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Turn right at the next intersection.

Arne didn't even look at the letter Diana wrote to him.

Evelyn wanted to come, too.

Tollefsen and Rayan were both killed.

He didn't stop the car.

We don't even know why Marsha isn't here now.

Can we just drop it?

Listen and you might learn something.

He swept his brush across the canvas.

Edward has just finished writing a letter to Sho.

There are comments associated with this question.

I am married to Hercules.

I want everybody to know what open source is, how it works, what it can be used for and what its implications are.

Clayton is a hick.

She sleeps as if she had never done that before.

Naresh's face was very pale.

I'll do anything you wish.

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I can't take this anymore.

Toni speaks English better than me.

Take off your cap.

Ravindranath asked for directions.

I got what I asked for.

That car belongs in a museum.

Piet doesn't take Casey seriously.

The webpage has frozen.

That landslide produced a lot of misery.

Mark Twain was an American novelist.

I have a little present for you.

The final proposal will be announced sometime next week.

Tuan's wife picked him up.

I will never forget this night!

Major goes for a walk every day.


Are you sure you're supposed to be here?

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Whoever you vote for, prices will go on rising.

This is nothing more than wishful thinking.

This is why Yoshio has caught a cold.

Do you want the tea hot or iced?

I can't shake off her seduction.

I don't really want to pay that much for a new car.

Straka deserves everything he gets.


Anne won't tell me anything.

I hope I don't mess up today.

Raul couldn't open the door.

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I have made a mess.


Carlo is in the kitchen making tea.

I didn't see you there.

I asked him to begin his trip at once.


All you have to do is wash the dish.

My father is worried about my health.

Just make sure that credit is given: "from The Herbs, by Leon Thomas, published by Herbal Life."

He doesn't talk much.

She decided to ignore him.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes.

Is this your first examination?

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We've been looking for you.