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No one's ever given me money before.

Her sudden appearance in the doorway surprised us.

We think Curtis may be in trouble.

Are they gone?

All that happened without me knowing about it?

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When did you get back from your trip?

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Mwa is defensive.


Father is out, but Mother is at home.

We got married.

I have been to see my friend off.


I just wanted to do the right thing.


I think you know I like you.

Whose is that book?

I've improved my reaction time by almost thirty percent.

I'm just saying you shouldn't go out alone at night.

May I take a shower?

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Coleen is angry with me.

I can't do the hard day's work I used to.

I don't really know Ronni all that well.

He told Alfred the whole story.

Do you know where I can get a taxi?

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I told her the bank was closed.

I've got to make sure Sean remembers to take his medicine.

What was down there?


She scowled at the rude salesman.

Rodent thought that Clem wouldn't see him.

I want to be rich.

Vidhyanath took credit for my idea.

I want them to meet you.


Don't keep harping on the same string!

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I knew there was something wrong about that girl.

Would you like to visit the White House someday?

The initiative is punishable.

We must be there at seven, so hurry up.

I want to eat purple potatoes.

I wouldn't be calling if it weren't important.

He is fresh from college.


She's got a point.

Edgar is devoted to his children.

"Jerk" connotes an embarrasing social and verbal ineptness.

We're motivated.

Who are you trying to kid?

Darren tried to sleep.

It was incredible.

We're dying to meet you.

The office was full of activity all day.

Gilles almost started to cry.

I think I've been brainwashed.


Marek made it very clear that he didn't want to fight.


I'm interested in the society page of that newspaper.

I never talked to him again.

English is a heavily Latinized Germanic language.


She'll be planting roses when he comes.

He has a house of his own.

It's very easy to get access to your private information.

We'll talk about the details later.

Larry listened as Gideon explained what to do.

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We still have a lot of things to do.


I knew I had to finish the report before noon.

Sjaak is keeping his promise.

Application of force to an object changes its velocity: its speed, its direction, or both.

Stephan is a lot of fun, isn't he?

Do you honor this credit card?

These are technical documents and they are very difficult to translate.

She set the table for supper.

Argumentations can be analysed in terms of the signals of the writer's attitudes and judgement.

He thought I was stupid.

I would like to know more about the technology which was used in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

I'm to the east of the west.


Vicky is the owner of this land.

Tigger arrived here before the rest of us.

The lawyer warned his client against testifying, but he did it anyway.

Can you say everything in Esperanto that you need to say?

Someone has to say the magic word.

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Take off your hat.

It's a beautiful day here in Boston.

That's classified.

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Swamy doesn't have to do it.

He doesn't believe in God.

Do you have any French wine?


Detective Columbo is always in a frayed raincoat.

Calvin is not an anti-Semite!

She is eight months pregnant.

Does he have feelings for me?

I invited my neighbor to breakfast.

He always has the first word.

If you get lost in a crowd, I'll search for you.

Scents, colors, and sounds respond to one another.

A fire broke out in the mine.

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world.

It's a family tradition.


Kiki works for an American company.

Having boasted how sure his hunches were, he was forced to eat his hat when he guessed wrong.

I think this medicine will do you a lot of good.

Enjoy your weekend.

I'm placing you under arrest.

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We do know their very background.

It's so obvious we don't need proof.

There's nothing wrong with that. Not at all.

Gale started to say something, but Nick interrupted him.

In 1899, the first cheerleaders were male students.


She's practicing English so she can get a better job.

He screamed for help.

Thanks ever so much.

You owe me a new keyboard that isn't full of coffee.

What happened?

I wonder if Micah knows how much this means to me.

I was surprised at the discovery.


I thought it was best not to say anything.

Old didn't want his parents to find out.

I didn't shoot Clarence.


Daniele and Nicolas are the only ones still in the room.

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We're not in Boston.

She taught me most of the things I know.

That was Norm you were just talking to, wasn't it?


Spring has passed and summer starts.


Will you give this to him?

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I wanted to hear you say that.

Never hit a man who can fight back.

I didn't expect to see you here tonight.

Leave your suitcase here.

Look at the traffic.

My father's head has turned gray.

They want peace.

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It's very popular.

Wash with hot, sudsy water.

Please accept our apologies.

Lenny isn't far behind us.

Bill died a disappointed man.

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Everyone remembers the happy days of youth as his halcyon days.


I still love it.


What's your favorite hot weather food?

The time will soon come when anyone can travel in space.

Pitawas has promised to pay us an extra $3,000 if we finish the job by next Monday.

You're such a coward.

I never expected this.

Where do you want to eat?

I'm now very tired.

How much did you pay him?

Panacea doesn't know what to say to make Ned feel better.

Australia was an exception.

Not a soul was to be seen.


What is this commotion all about ?

Weather changes often.

Vishal doesn't want to live with me.

I'm just doing my best.

Himawan is oblivious.

Let's take small steps.

Well, it's time for me to run off. Bye!

I won't go to Australia.

Come along with us.

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I will be back by nine.

I wouldn't let anybody hurt you.

My friend will be our guide.


Kristin needs to get himself a good lawyer.

The smaller basket holds less than the large one.

My father is a bank clerk.

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Belinda is motivated, isn't he?

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He won't be ready.

I'm the victim here.

The young man decided to propose to her.