It's not safe there.

Eliot now knows Brent wasn't kidding.

It seems to me it will not rain today.

I went to the park to play tennis.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back to life.

I wish I could explain to you how important this is to me.


Wes needs your help to do it.

Someone has to confront them.

This is my star pupil.


The sun appeared on the horizon.


I'm not able to swim.


This explains it without a doubt.

The color will not go off.

It's against my morals.

Who was here first?

I wish Gregge would do that.

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This is the part I hate the most.

I am stirring my tea.

A good neighbor is better than a bad relative.

I take care of the potatoes now.

They're talking to Jerry.

Not a word to David! If he hears that guests are coming, he'll drop some threadbare excuse and sneak away.

You can always change it.

Carlos wore a simple dress.

The noise startled Sergio.

Is it a joke?


Our peoples have more in common than can be seen at first sight.

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I see a lot of hypocrisy.

Oh, now I feel the wind blow hi, hi, hi, hi.

He pushed the stalled car with all his might.

It's too late to help Gregor.

The moon has come out.

How does Mahesh plan to do that?

I'm sure I can find something for you to wear.

I'm not sure that I should trust you.

Playing tennis is easy for me.

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

Don't worry about it. Just get back to work.

She was injured in a fall.

Everybody knows me.

I'm so happy for you.

I'll go change my clothes.

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He sometimes ate out with his family.

I've been going out with her for months.

Myrick jumped into the pool from the roof.

There was a fly.

Elsa unclogged the drain.

Now there is nothing but desert, where there used to be a fertile plain.

It is five years to a day since I came here.


It is a bird.

Gilles must've left the water running.

Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness monster?

Pria is obviously uncomfortable.

I think she is happy.

Indra sells most of the vegetables that he grows.

The defense attorney jumped to his feet and shouted "Objection!"

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I am shearing the ewe.

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Randell's been very busy at work and can't get any time off until the week after next.


Did she like it?


You are two years younger than me.

I should study now, but I prefer staying on Tatoeba.

Maybe you'd better take a look at this.


Sriram has no weaknesses.

I will not let you do it.

Josh won't forget this.


My plan is to get out of here and think of a better plan.

This is what I know about him.

Open the door, please, will you?

I'll be in touch.

The problem of many language teachers is that they underrate new technologies in their teaching methods.

What did you give her?

The stick didn't help him any.

I feel a chill seeing the blizzard outside.

Real is as incompetent as Cathrin.

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I'm happier than you.

You do not know exactly where you were born.

I'd like to eat something sweet.

For that reason, temporary workers are working under inferior conditions.

We only won one game last season.

Celia resigned yesterday.

I am Christian, but he is Buddhist.


This is very good ice cream. Won't you have some?

He went out for a walk with his dog.

She is bad-mannered.

Where's the nearest art gallery?

You didn't need to buy the book.

Any questions?

Were you flirting with Stephen?

Lover, come back to me.

Let's go out! It's not raining.

He was visibly nervous.

He envied my success.

If possible, I'd like to travel around the world.

Some important papers are missing from the files.

I want a chair.

Everybody loves my cat.

Hwa tried to fight back his assailant.

How long have you two been married?

We just tried to do too much.

He went on to demonstrate how to use the machine.

I like to listen to old records.

We must take the offensive.

The gentleman kissed the lady's hand.

I thought Arthur would prepare the food for us.

It will cost 500 dollars to fly to Paris.

I'm only going to tell you this once.

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Dan tried to persuade Linda to steal the money.

Avery knows this is true.

Tell me anything you want to.

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I caught a bad cold last week.


I had difficulty in making myself understood in French.


Are you English?


We drank cappuccinos and reminisced.

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Geoff hates it when Bryce pretends to understand sports.


We're dealing with it.

They were stuck together to maintain their own body heat

Kimmo has asked me to meet him at his office tomorrow at 2:30.

Genius chastised grows in authority.

I'm turning thirty in October.


It may not be ready yet.

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I don't even care that much.

I'm the youngest one at my job.

You don't have to hurry.

I went to school there.

Vice was supposed to be here.

Weren't you tired?

She helped him tie his tie.

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The television show was interrupted by a special news report.

I know I'll be able to do it.

You two seem to hate each other.


Were you up late working last night?


Take your time to park correctly, I am not in a hurry.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "What are you thinking about???"

It was cruel.

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Yup! I'm going to give up cigarettes.

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These are for Lori.


We'll go get her.


Your problem is you're not patient enough.


Tracey enjoyed talking with Julia.

Andreas signaled Pandora to wait.

Are there people whose mother tongue is Esperanto?

You cannot climb!

Do you want to play hide and seek?

It will only take a moment to fill out this application.

Petr studies in Germany, but he doesn't speak any German. As the German language keeps disappearing more and more from the lecture halls, he doesn't really need to.

He was happy to have passed the examination.

I told you I locked the door.


Dan is a symbol of freedom.

Kenton is a recluse.

"She's been really selfish and self-centred", I thought, "whereas, for me, the word 'love' is sacred and deep."

I offered him a double-flame lighter that I bought in the United States.

Is there anything else you need me to check?

I didn't find anything.

There are grants available.

Why was Brodie here?

Juha hasn't seen Maarten for a long time.

Why would somebody hit Shirley?

This looks like fun.

Don't ever talk to me again.

Herb wants to have a balanced lifestyle.


What would you do if you met a man from another planet?

Dimitry works in a lumber yard.

The train left for Kobe station.