If you come back by five, you may go.

How can we find Part?

Did the old man get lost in the forest?

Aren't you impressed?

I found the earring that you lost.

You don't really plan to do that, do you?

It is not especially hot today.

Nathan gives us everything we want.


That science teacher drives every year.

Why would you want to help Claire?

Everett hasn't been there yet.

You needed a coat.

Owen ran out of the house.


Is this all they do?

It should be made illegal.

I was born in China.


That would be funny.

I heard Andries humming to himself while he washed dishes.

He works hard so that he can study abroad.

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Tell Linley I'll be home soon.

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I've never liked that.

I can't concentrate if you keep tapping me on the shoulder.

He entered my room without permission.

Can I speak to you for a minute?

Are you an American?


I had to give it a try.

I see something moving.

I can't think of her name at once.

Why are you so arrogant?

Tao said he wasn't even there that night.


I speak a little Polish, just enough to make myself understood.

What have you found, Allen?

Would it be OK if I asked you a personal question?

The party's on Saturday.

Why wait until Monday?


She woke him up.

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I got hurt.

Get your keys.

Sedovic didn't want the party to end.

The room was light enough for him to read the letter.

The work should be ready tomorrow.

At what time are we going to get a bite to eat, with all that?

In my opinion, eastern music is too noisy.


I've known Hilda for three years.


Why was Tandy in prison?

I just wrecked my car in a traffic accident.

Marshall spends every weekend at his uncle's.

Oh my God! There is no objection in your kingdom.

Our cat fought with someone's else's cat.

She promised herself she would lose three kilos before the summer.

I'm no longer surprised by anything.

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Kieran was fussy.

Mehrdad has a big appetite.

Every time I attempt to teach myself C++, I get stuck on pointers.

I think it's dangerous to climb a mountain on a day when it's stormy.

Why not let me try?

Matthias was stabbed in the chest.

Conrad was three months pregnant when she and Catherine got married.

I'm headed back into town.

The Germans are very crafty.

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You're the worst basketball coach this team has ever had.

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Nobody can stop me from talking to Sri.

He is proud of his family.

She decided to come with us.

Come with me, please.

Do you wear a kimono?


I met a famous scholar at the airport yesterday.

I'm off to pick up Craig.

I'll send you a text.

Since when are you wearing contacts?

Beavers were nearly eliminated from this area.


Let me come to the ball; I, too, would like to dance.


How much do I owe you? - Four euros, please.

Dip into it and the piranhas will eat you.

After he had done his homework, he went to bed.


It was cool.

The students went to the baseball game along with their teacher.

Ernst was really decisive.

A cockroach has climbed up on me!

The adventure begins.

I took Ofer to my favorite restaurant in Boston.

We have not yet discussed which method is better.

Would you please tell me how to spell that word?

What's Germany's largest forest?


What would you like to do tomorrow?

Please take me to the airport.

She's a fashion designer.

I heard the phone ring.

I wish her the very best in her future endeavors.


The month after next is December.

Lindsay put on his rubber gloves.

Sugar cane is an edible grass which makes it a vegetable.


Kelantan is one of the states in West Malaysia.

I want to watch TV.

A person named Itoh wants to meet you.

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I'd kill you if I could.

Is it something I said?

Stephanie chatted with Woody.

I'm a bad singer.

The whole place was covered in snow.


This has changed my life.


I usually go to the barber once a month.


We often eat foods which are harmful to our health without knowing it.


Look! A flying cockroach!


What have you done to yourself?

What's your favorite part of the chicken?

I think that she is from China.

I don't want to respect a man like him.

I'm going to kill you for wasting my time.

I have to practice the piano every day.

The government official spoke to the reporter on condition of anonymity.

Don't think I don't know where you were last night, and what you were doing.

Rodney looks rather depressed.


Is Bob right?

Were you and Blayne together for a long time?

A peacemaker was summoned.

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He was a neutral participant at the discussion.


Elite soldiers are almost always selected among the special forces.


Usually when Barrett and Malus go out for dinner together, they split the bill.

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Tatoeba tells me to go screw myself.

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Why don't we all go get something to eat?


This work isn't easy.

They deserve the truth.

Nobody wants to come.

While one of them sped around major parts of the property on the mower, a second made a few sweeps at some tall weeds on the edge of my wife's garden, and the third got into the truck and smoked a cigarette.

One cannot help liking the best things of one's home.

If you don't have enough money, I'll lend you some.

Mice are the dream of all cats.

The script Tatoeba needs the most is the native speaker detector.

Derek shouldn't have gone to Boston by himself.

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I'm excited and ready to go.

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I'll do something else.

There are only two popular highways in this small city.

Thank you very much for the consideration you will give to our request.

We are too busy at the moment.

Who do you have in there?

I'm not easygoing.

We'll follow her.

"What! You're still with that guy?" and we answer: "What can I do! I LOVE him!"

I'm afraid you'll have to go in person.

She shot me.

There's more to Axel than meets the eye.

I watch my feet for the cracks in the pavement.

Please don't do anything stupid.

Daniele tells it like it is.

The suspect was told not to leave town.

I said I'll be fine.

I need her to know that.

It's Spain that they are going to on holiday.

Alain was brutally murdered on October 20, 2013.

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I need to know his name.

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My heart goes out to you.


He boosted her into the job.

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Tiefenthal needed to buy something to eat.

My daughter has been suffering from anorexia for four years already.

I can't find the newspaper.


The urge to brag on his recent successes was irresistible.


At first he didn't know how to do his new job.