I would have somebody sweep this room clean.

Even today, the temperature is below zero.

Here, let me help you up.

Mr White seems to have many friends.

Would you go with me to the homecoming dance next week?

Does the term self-preservation mean anything to you?

Have you voted yet?

Bart contributed a lot of money to the museum.


Typical girl talk!

Do you have a subway map?

He's incredibly stupid.

Ravindran wanted to run faster.

I'm coming for Miltos.

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The highway leading to the city is now free of fallen rocks.


I'm angry with Sylvan.

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I've been apprised of all the facts, Maurice.

How much for those trousers?

I got up late this morning.


People suffering from low level of blood sugar disorder, because they lack the power to suppress their emotions, get easily frightened and angry.

Do you know that boy who's crying?

The rectangle and the rhombus are parallelograms.

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Enthusiasm is contagious.

I noted that her answer was incorrect.

It was a mistake on their part.


Do you want them back or not?

I'll be finished by the time you get here.

We should give her some time.

He founded a small association in the Czech Republic.

Read me more.


Ethan unclenched his fist.

I thought Hon would be upset.

Takeuchi had one wish.

I do not understand her.

We sit on a bench to rest.

Because I like stinking!

Do you remember the first time you saw one of those?

I've had a lot of time to practice.

Are you intending to go already?


We're on your side.

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What I don't understand is why.

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I was just getting dressed for work.

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We're quite drunk.

Victoria once ate at an cheap restaurant and got food poisoning, so now he is very careful about where he eats.

I should've done this earlier.

A country with no whorehouse is not a country.

I'm beat. I've been working from dawn to dusk.

You bet I'm worried.

She used a compass.


The manuscript had been written out by hand.

Luckily nobody died.

Do you have any idea where Liz might have put his camera?

She led the old woman to the church by the hand.

Also, a lot of houses were damaged; windows were often broken throughout the town.

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He didn't understand Kylo's joke.

He had a weak point --this Fortunato --although in other regards he was a man to be respected and even feared. He prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine.

Is Marsha able to drive a truck?

Josip just collapsed.

Is it included in the price?

Cabbage can be eaten raw.

A man is made by the books he reads.


I must talk with them.

It would be very normal for you to be angry with Sundaresan.

Who paid for that?

I want to achieve something before I die. Something I'll be remembered for.

Do I have to answer in English?

How long has Marla been in love with you?

I help them almost every day.


This stopper does not fit the bottle.

Some people tried to dig the treasure out, but they couldn't.

It's so obvious we don't need proof.


In order to give him a surprise on his birthday, I prepared a fantastic cake.

Because of the rain, the picnic was held in the gymnasium.

The train was brought to a sudden halt.

It is driving me crazy.

Is the post office near here?

This is foolish.

Here you can find now (2016-03-01) 10000 sentences written in Toki Pona.

She decided to marry Stu.

I've asked Jwahar not to do that.

You should suppress your pride.

Please call me up between seven and eight.


That wasn't a good experience.

Shall we go home?

That was an honest mistake.

At the party there was food in abundance.

I think Jin is charismatic.


Mariou stepped onto the bathroom scales.

Have you ever traveled by plane?

Dammit! That was our only way out!


I thought we were supposed to eat lunch together.

No one has the right to tell me what to do.

Old loves shoes with high heels.

Has anybody heard from them?

Make the most of your vacation.

We celebrate the Star Festival in July.

Why is my Internet connection so slow?


She told me the story in confidence.


Give him this message the moment he arrives.

I was in better shape back then.

When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes.

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He is a VIP.


I thought the play went very well.

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A new actor was billed to appear as Hamlet.

A start should be made at once.

What were yesterday's chief events?

Accidents often result from carelessness.

This problem is hard to solve. So you had better begin with that one.

Lisa speaks Japanese better than the Japanese do.

She advised him to come back at once.

Jef wrote a love letter to Raj, but never gave it to her.

Girls were not allowed to go out with boys without a chaperone.

We could ask them.

In the Netherlands, it is the custom that, when during the construction of a house the highest point has been reached and the roof is ready for tiling, the client treats the construction workers to so-called "tile beer" to celebrate this. A flag is then placed on the ridge of the house. If the client is too stingy to treat, not a flag, but a broom is placed.

Just stay in your room like I told you to.

I could not but laugh.

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This victory alone is not the change we seek.


This is something different.

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Vadim didn't come home last night. I hope he's OK.


I'm a compulsive scribbler.


She is senior to me by two years.

What are you laughing at, Lana?

This place is quite nice.

I wasn't hired.

I don't think I can handle it.

Ken has not been here since this morning.

The boy crushed the spider with his sandaled right foot.

Why don't you come to the party with us?

I didn't speak to Matthieu for months.

Daryl is quite busy at the moment.

You do not always show that regard for the feelings of others which you would wish shown to you.


Don't ever come back here again.

Why did Jimmy want you here?

I'm sure you meant well.

I don't believe in spells and charms.

Now that we're all here, we can start the going away party.


Blaine was too weak.


That's a cheap cop-out.

Syed rented a tuxedo for the prom.

That play was an immense success.

The zoo is closed on Mondays.

Translations can provide explanations to what has been said.

There's no point arguing with Takao.

He was present at the meeting yesterday.


Even a clock that is stopped shows the correct time twice a day.

Classes started last month.

They sat on a park bench and began talking.

What's going on out there?

Presley's dog is white.

Maybe I shouldn't sell my canoe.

Pedophiles are cruelly treated in prison.

He was proud of his brother.

The flight was cancelled.


She opened her mouth as if to speak, but didn't say anything.


Bill goes fishing every other day.


The massive flood paralyzed the local transportation network.

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Jane had a yellow ribbon in her hair.

Would it be OK if I played your guitar?

There are not enough bananas.


Svante is the best chess player in our class.

The real is for me, but fiction.

The teacher pointed out the grammatical errors made by the students.