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I had the pleasure of working with Jamie Fields and let me tell you that this changed my whole perception of NY real estate and working with brokers. It could not have gone any smoother and she helped me find a great place in one day! Jamie is a professional and a genuine person more importantly, and once I met with her in the morning, luckily, I ended up cancelling all my other appts and she spent the whole day with me to make sure I find the right place.

If I change places in NY, I know who I am going with. Top class!

by Wallid Z.

Ask/ search for Jason Polanco such a smart broker to work with. Pretty much straight forward and will get you your dream home in one day just like me.

Besides his professional skills, he can also be a good friend :) He will narrow your hosuing selection to the available inventory that right fits you. Saves you a lot of time and help you decide quicker!

In general the company is such a great place to work with as you can see the reviews! Good luck!!!

by Khaled E.

Francisco was an INCREDIBLE broker. I'd never done apartment hunting before, so I came into the process pretty uneducated - and as a result, likely easy to take advantage of. But throughout the process, Francisco made it very clear that if I told him everything we were looking for and our price range, he'd show me spaces perfect for our criterion.

He set up several viewings, and as we viewed, he developed a stronger idea of exactly what we were looking for. Sure enough, the place he had been saying he thought would be perfect for us ended up being, well, perfect for us! He sat with us through the meeting with the property management, and even helped us get a cheaper deal so that we could afford the building's fitness center.

Overall, fantastic experience. Really suggest working with this group.

by Brad H

I had an excellent experience working with Jason. The first apartment he showed us was exactly what we were looking for and from there he immediately got us started on the application process. As a first time renter, I had a lot of questions around this and he was always very helpful and responsive. He also went above and beyond by negotiating down the price of our rental and within a day or so we were approved and ready to sign the lease. If it were not for Jason, I probably would not have gotten the apartment, especially not at the price he was able to negotiate. Should I end up moving in the future, I will definitely be using Jason again and would recommend him to anyone!

by Cydney C.