The gas was compressed into a gas cylinder.

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It's quite comfortable.

I read this in Cosmo.

Does this seem fair to you?

I need someone with whom I can converse.

I intend to find out what happened.

Which planet are you from?

Kemal just dumped Griff.

Marc couldn't fight anymore.

Have you filled out the forms yet?

Want of sleep injures our health.

Your students don't like me.

Lance said that he feels good.

I think you hate Andries about as much I do.

You and Narendra are exactly the same.

This place isn't convenient to public transportation.

Tell me where the meeting will be held.

Nelken is reading a newspaper.

I find that life in the country is pleasant.

The penalty for spitting is five pounds.

Do you want this T-shirt?

Do you have to do that right now?


What he says is total nonsense.

Heather pushed the wheelchair into Kenn's room.

What are you whittling?

Astronomy is by no means a new science.

Soon we were clear of the town.

But my friends will laugh at me!

He is the manager of a hotel.

I recognized Jane at once by her voice.

I came to you for advice, nothing more.


Could you tell me how to get to Park Street?

I know your older brother quite well.

Things weren't always easy.

Are you sure this is Pantelis's?

My desk is made of wood.


Do what I tell you to do.

Where do you want me to go? To a desert island?

I need someone who will truly love me.

He works on the farm from sunrise to sunset.

Why are these teenagers laughing?

But he slept like a baby.

Today is a day of compliments. Tomorrow will be a day of insults.

We have plenty of room.

To my surprise, he refused my offer.

Yara is avoiding me.

Sharan couldn't keep lying to Terri. He felt he just had to tell her the truth.


Where's everyone?

We can't begin the meeting until we have a quorum.

I like that, too.


Laurianne suggested that we have a farewell party for Anne.

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I ask you, he's been cheating me!

Christofer gently nudged Bucky.

Ken likes nuts.

Is Tyler still engaged to Vincent?

How bad can this get?


We've all bought stuff from that store.


They wouldn't stop.

I hope I won't get fired for this.

She always boasts of being a good swimmer.

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Have you been abroad?

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He has an eye for good English usage.

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I lost something very important to me.


It's fine to make grandiose plans, but I'd like you to start with what you have on your plate.

I hoped that some punch would loosen the tongue of my old friend.

If he's busy, help him.


Ilya lost her reading glasses.


I've broken my glasses.

Have you ever authorized me to leave early?

You're a friend of Thomas.

The price did not enter into our consideration.

None of us is perfect.

The snow has accumulated knee-deep in Boston.

See to it that this problem gets fixed by tomorrow.

She will probably marry one day.

We spent the weekend with friends.


Urs says Craig still needs help.

I think he's attracted to you.

Is that so difficult?


He entered the room in his coat and hat.

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I'm sorry I ruined your party.

I'm just looking forward to going home.

In comparison with Yapyk, Toyplat is a little stronger.

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I don't care about Niels.

How does Axel know about that?

I swam a lot during summer vacation.

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I took sides with them in the argument.

Have you ever met Taninna at the library?

What should I do until then?


That's child's play.

Please have a try.

Pradeep was wearing a vintage skirt and a wool hat.

That's like carrying coals to Newcastle.

Do it yourself by all means.

On Monday, the Pierson Publishing House will launch an ambitious advertising compaign for Real Life, a highly anticipated new novel from Korea.

The King's son was beside himself with pain, and in his despair he leapt down from the tower. He escaped with his life, but the thorns into which he fell, pierced his eyes. Then he wandered quite blind about the forest, ate nothing but roots and berries, and did nothing but lament and weep over the loss of his dearest wife.

The cost of fixing the broken window is coming out of your paycheck.

They're just jealous that we're having fun.


Adlai is seldom late for appointments.

I'm going to visit them.

When do I write poetry?

Honey in the mouth and poison in the heart.

Donne looked really angry.

Dan lost his temper and savagely beat Linda.

Don't knock it unless you try it first.

Fritz said he was heading to the airport.

Suzanne likes vanilla ice cream.


That man is on trial for the murder of a little girl.

According to the paper, there was a big fire in Boston.

This doesn't fit.

Do in Rome as the Romans do.

No less than 40 percent of students go on to university.

I've never seen anything like it.

I do not want to exert myself in vain.

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Who's the company's president?


Everybody loved the simple scholar.

I can't afford that.

He is afraid of swimming.

Patricio booked a room for me at a hotel near where he lived.

She got angry at his rude behavior.

Let's hear your opinion.

I wonder why he is late.


It didn't make much difference.

If you're hungry, eat.

As far as I know, she hasn't departed yet.


"I'd look like a real James Bond in that," Dima said to himself, then entered the store.


It's supper time.


It took me a long time to write to you, sorry!

The reign of Philip II lasted forty years.

What is the file extension?


Waves are beating the shore.

This wallet is made out of paper.

It shows white from here.

Marilyn helps Martin, but she doesn't help him.

Roberta fumbled with the doorknob.

What do you conclude from that?

Ramsey lived in Boston, right?


I can't let her do that.


He is very fat, that is, he weighs 300 pounds.

She gave me a fake phone number.

I refuse to answer the question.

Celia likes to watch baseball on TV.

I'm furious with him.

I thought Ben was stealing from us.

I might know somebody that could help you.


The senator remained neutral in the furious controversy.

I've played soccer since I was thirteen.

Nancy did some shopping on the way.

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Why are you arguing with the manager?

These matters are of no importance to me.

Communism will never be reached in my lifetime.


Anne thanked Narendra for her time.

Celia warned me you might do that.

I'm going to stay.

What's your favorite small town in the United States?

Nou uses a pillow to support his back when he sleeps.


Donn wouldn't give up.

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I thought you'd be different.


She winked at him.


The Union of South Africa has had racial problems in recent years.