Mt. Fuji was above the clouds.

Michael lowered her eyelids.


We already knew that.

I had to lie to my parents.

Alastair can barely breathe.

Dawson was kind.

The field is full of wild flowers.


Saumya would tell me.


These towels are the same color but different sizes.

Raanan couldn't paint.

The beggar is asking for a piece of bread.

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You should return home before it gets dark.

Lend me your dog.

I really enjoyed this seminar.


No one ever escapes from this prison.

I talked to my advisors about which classes to take.

Jiri is a pretty cool guy.

He has not less than ten dictionaries.

I've already drunk half a bottle of wine while I was waiting for you.

Let's talk about her.

Once upon a time there lived a queen whose heart was sore because she had no children.

Miek is still hungry, isn't he?

Julianto's hair is growing.

I wondered aimlessly to find something fun to do.

What Micah said wasn't true.

This means that you will never see a biography about me.

Malloy appears awkward.

There's a lady asking for you.

That's not a problem at all.

Since I'm not so good at swimming, I avoid swimming in water that's over my head.

Who's older, Erwin or Holly?

Down the coast from the shingle beach was a secluded cove.

Margot isn't the kind of person you think he is.

He is second to none in English in his class.

She got herself through college telling people their fortunes as a phony psychic. She didn't even have a proper Tarot deck, but her clients didn't know the difference.


So long as our relationship is defined by our differences, we will empower those who sow hatred rather than peace, and who promote conflict rather than the cooperation that can help all of our people achieve justice and prosperity.

Liber ran as fast as his legs would take him.

She set a bird free.

What do you say we work on this together?

It was very dark inside the mine.


Manjeri wouldn't want this.

He began working in earnest.

He is exempt from the military service.

Welcome back, Major.

It's the first time I've heard that.

It was to his profit to do so.

Leave Jackye with me.

I'll always have time for you.

The winner hasn't yet been announced.

Do you need me, Piet?

I made myself a turkey sandwich.

She came here all the way from Hokkaido.

It's cheap.


She is not a student.

It's been a struggle.

This chair is very comfortable.

You'll pay for that.

Brian doesn't speak French at home.


It's not that deep here.

Let's switch.

I don't know what I'm going to do with Konrad.

Maybe you could fill me in.

Outta my way!

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What's the significance of that?

Her father approved of his plan.

The roof is glittering in the sunshine.

Most people find public speaking stressful.

It will get warmer and warmer.

Pluto is tilted 122.5 degrees on its axis, which basically means that it is rotating on its head!

How many yellow flowers are there there?

We have seldom seen such a sight!

He has three dependents to support.

I did it for Rajiv.

Were you mean to her?

I'm here to see her.

Dani should be back shortly.

It seems like that she wasn't acting back then; they were her real feelings.

I wondered where Mason was.

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I usually don't lie.

Bucky laid his cards on the table.

The German energy reform is unaffordable.

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Nothing has to happen.

I can't cancel on her.

This sounds reasonable.

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Rodney put two sugar cubes in his tea.


This cheese is made from goat's milk.

The Asahi Shimbun did not carry that news.

Never confuse art with life.

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Jose wouldn't remember me.

There are over 4000 languages in the world.

I had a call from her for the first time in a long time.

They haven't unpacked their trunks yet.

She shut the book and closed her eyes.

Johann isn't angry.

From a statistical point of view, a plane flight is much safer than a car trip.

Tiefenthal went on a shopping spree after coming into some money.

Is there a mistake in the telephone number?

I hoped that some punch would loosen the tongue of my old friend.

There are plants of different kinds in this garden.

Are you sad?

The heteronormative propaganda made me uncomfortable.


They filmed the entire ceremony.


She denied that she's my mother.

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Miki needs to take a day off.

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Donne seems to be bored with the game.


I'm coming down with a cold.


Let's take advantage of the 'exemption' controversy to reconsider the way we work.

I am very tired when I get home at night.

Ian watched Dan disappear around the corner.

Nobody is going to stop me.

Are you a team player?

Carry the table out, please.

He must be a good politician and leader.

I was delighted to hear of your promotion to Senior Managing Director.

In the 2015 Wimbledon semifinal, Roger Federer had a great serving day against Andy Murray, getting 75% of first serves in and winning 84% of points on them, not losing a single first-serve point in the second set.


Who's watching him?

Sickness kept me from attending the party.

Varda ought to help Simon.


It grieves me to see that little orphan.


I wonder if she'll recognize me after all these years.

It is believed that he will win the race.

While this is grammatically correct, you wouldn't express it so in the real life, right?

You may kiss the bride.

I don't often go there.


Nothing has no meaning.


I don't like looking foolish.

The students stormed out of the class as soon as the bell rang.

I was trying to be quiet.

Dawn uncorked a bottle of wine.

I didn't want you to see me.


From what stems this contradiction between our hopes and our reality?

"Yes, the bisque-doll-like Erika" "Th-that expression is a little embarrassing, could you stop using it?"

On building sites, hard hats must be worn at all times.


You should teach your children to be quiet at the table and only speak when they are spoken to.

Did you tell them about us?

How much paper do we need?


We're having a barbie.

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The hot-blooded are prone to heart attacks.


Don't try to trick me!

Doing it that way will take a long time.

I took him a cup of coffee.

Mahesh just got out of surgery.

The war affected the way the Japanese view nuclear weapons.

I know that I should sleep for at least eight hours per day, however usually I sleep less.

I regard him as a man of character.

That kitten is so cute.

We are free!


I went to the public hall to listen to the jazz concert.

Would you like coffee or tea?

We want to go back to Boston.

Casper liked to write stories.

The meeting had to be rescheduled because a quorum was not reached.

Vladimir was certainly sharp.

That's not exactly a top priority.

I laughed in her face.

It made me supremely happy.


I don't want to drink cold tea.

I miss this place.

Sridharan and Mick colored some eggs for Easter.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Just do it, god damn it.

There are four days left till Christmas!

What type of TV news you watch?

We should have turned right.

List walked through the revolving door into the hotel lobby.

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Perhaps we should advertise in the local newspaper for a reliable house painter.