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The following services are available to all of our customers 24/7:


Monitor all of your Core Applications, Claims, Intercepts, and Core ID shipments


Increase your visibility in your Core Supply Chain and track every application and their status in real-time.


Track your applications and if necessary, initiate a claim right only easily and effectively.

Core Intercept

We all make mistakes, Intercept a Core Return Application and receive notification as they arrived at Hollingsworth Core Processing facility.

Core ID Management

Monitor your Core ID bank and Order new labels as needed online or sign up for automatic Core ID Subscription.

Contact Support

Contact customer support directly and readily from GMCores portal.


To explorer and learn more about features available on, Please take a moment and review our short instructional training video.

If you prefer documentation instead, please click on Introduction to begin.

  • 781-924-2913 is the next generation of General Motor’s Core Supply Chain Management applications. Now, only with a few short clicks, you can access critical in...

  • (647) 469-6591

    Accessing GMCores Core Supply Chain Management application is quite simple, you either access it directly on General Motor’s Global Connect website or by goin...

  • 9038042176

    If you do not have access to Global Connect and you would like to access, You would need to sign up first. Clicking on Sign Up link on the initial l...

  • Forgot Password

    If you have signed up directly on and now you have forgotten your password, please use Forgot Password link on the initial login page. You will be a...

  • (407) 760-7683

    After you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to your dashboard. Here you can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) regarding your core assets. T...

  • (281) 948-4010

    Tracking service allows you to check on status of your core return applications. Please allow a few seconds for our system to pull your application and check th...

  • Tracking – Status

    When you located the application you’re interested in using smart search feature, let’s go back to smart grid and look in more detail at Status” colum...

  • 413-330-6781

    Limited number of applications encounter issues during processing, If you need to file a claim for your application and this option is available to you, Click o...

  • Tracking – File an Intercept

    We all make mistakes, if for any reason, you need to stop a certain core from being processed at our processing facility, you can file an Intercept Request at G...

  • 6023482917

    Claims service page allows you to track and monitor all of your claims in one convenient place. This include claims opened through other methods including email...

  • (806) 417-4387

    Core intercept service page gives you an overview of all of your Core Intercept Requests. Same smart grid and smart search technology is used here as well. If y...

  • overrepresentation

    Core ID labels are the critical component of General Motor’s light core supply chain. It allows us to track each piece of Core through our network and facilit...

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