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Keep abreast with the times.

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We want to go to Austria for our honeymoon.


The irreligious scoffed at the bishop's interpretation.

Why are you so thin?

He comes from France.

You were hurt.

She sometimes has her mother cut her hair.


I don't want to post it.

Did I tell you I saw a big rat in the kitchen?

I wonder what a person blind from birth thinks of when they hear the words "blue" or "green".


Can we go home and go to sleep now?

The sky is blue.

Don't worry about your accent and how you come across to people.

My birthday is in October.

The problem still remains to be solved.

What was the cause of the accident?

The exam was very easy.

He wields English well.

Don't try to find fault with others.

Maybe Glenn can solve this problem.

I need to get us some help.

There are two cows in the village.

She is fair, fat and forty.

We're meant for each other.

Without "ethical culture," there is no salvation for humanity.

I don't feel much like dancing.

Sassan said the same thing about Stanislaw.


I'm headed back into town.

Brandy is never wrong.

With a different hairstyle, you'd look ten years younger.

She's going through a midlife crisis.

Let him take a look at it.


I know how to handle kids like Sharan.

Triantaphyllos and I are both waiting for Phil.

I know but I can't help it.

How was it, the test?

Why don't you just tell me what you want?


Experience is the best of schoolmasters, only the school-fees are heavy.

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The goat ate from her hand.

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How long did you wait for me?


Where shall we begin?

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I know you're in trouble.

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I've seen them around.

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He was at the store.


I give the floor to Dr. Tyler.

I think I have a good chance of winning.

Black cats bring bad luck.


Ethiopia is the largest country in Eastern Africa.

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There's a large risk involved.

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Cristi is incompetent.

The baby never kept still while I was taking his picture.

Sometimes, I think about the future, and I forget to breathe.

I knew then that I was right.

Excuse me. Where is the bakery?

Juliane and the others left early.

I had a good talk with Drew this morning.

All this random shit is making me dizzy.

You're real heroes.


How is it that you're always so full of energy?


The man claimed he didn't take the money.

Luke is still upstairs.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

I can't get her to help me.

We'll try it for a few days.

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She has a lot of money.

Have you been to Boston?

Is there bus service to the airport?

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I know Darryl will forgive me.

My car will pick you up in the morning.

Dieter and Jill avoided each other for days.

A woman asked me for directions.

He denied that he knew that man.

I'm on my lunch break.

You've bitten off more than you can chew.

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Paris during the Indian summer is an earthly heaven.

There's a soccer match tomorrow.

After eating, the first thing I do is brush my teeth.

It's a new movie theater.

Stop being so suspicious.

No other boy in his class is as bright as he.

Rolfe picked up the coins.

Immediate action should be taken.

Parrots imitate human speech.


I always win.

He wants to kill me.

Don't you touch me, you'd make me dirty!

I'm not powerless.

I can barely afford to buy enough food to feed my family.

She married him for his money.

It's better to be poor and in good health than rich and ill.

How many times has Japan hosted the Olympics?

Shakespeare is as great a dramatist as ever lived.

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My brother's room is always a mess.

I've already read it.

You three are very lucky.

It's not safe to text while you drive.

A dead deer being pecked by vultures, remains partly eaten by other animals, that sort of rotten meat is called 'carrion'.

Many antibiotics come from fungi.

Shave off your unibrow.


Put something on and let's leave already.

He dashed the cup on the floor.

What is on the desk?

It was not my mistake.

Maria didn't try to argue with Eddy.

I'm afraid I've run short of coffee.

He is furious with anger.

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This clock gains two minutes a day.

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He even learned to make his own telescopes to study the sky.

I intend to clean my room.

Philippe couldn't be reached yesterday.

I had to carry Anatole to bed.

Which one of you two is in charge?

We drove back to the motel.

I'm slightly worried about you.

Let's get divorced.

See what the baby is doing!

I'm not afraid to try.

I wish I could travel around the world.


That's troubling.

Don't open your book.

I think I know what you mean.

He's capable of wickedness of any kind.

It'll take him two days to finish this work.

The gun is jammed.

Not a day passes in which we don't use electricity in our daily lives.

Nou may not be telling the truth.

I'll be happy to help you.


The tactic worked.

My favourite word in German is the word 'Handschuhe'.

Tran didn't kill anyone.

I told you to leave him alone.

You are old enough to know better than to act like that.


You're just running away from life's problems.

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He said he was Russian.

Who's speaking at the meeting tonight?

Last night, we had to call the police.

I thought I saw Elliott in the park with Helge.

I want to lose ten pounds.

When I turned fifteen I started going out more.

I've made many mistakes in my lifetime.

Don't ever mention this in front of Maria.

No one was interested in anything I had to say.

We need to talk with you about something.

He is Spanish.


We can't get them to help us.

You would've liked me.

He was constituted representative of the party.

We all want prices to fall.

Is there any proof?

Can you hear the cat? She's wanting in.

I'll be all paid up after one more installment.

Walking up that steep hill is more tiring than running 12 laps around the track or swimming 10 laps in the pool.

Gregge is doing everything wrong.

I'm a farmer.

I haven't seen one of those in Boston yet.


The car broke down after half an hour's driving.

Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.

Do not expose to temperatures above fifty centigrade.

Where did they take Earnie?

You'll do as you're told.


Please put my room in order while I am out.

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Edward has been gone for almost a year.

I want you to know who I am.

You're perfectly right.